An evening length quartet that uses the movements of babies and children to access a physicality that gives in to the imbalance of not knowing.

Give up, or a bird lying on its back

An athletic, improvisational score for five dancers that exhausts the ways in which words fail dance, and vice versa.

other stories

A layered multimedia performance that triggers memory, emotion and heightened awareness through deeply personal and evocative movement. 


piece places the conflict between Israel and Palestine into the bodies of two women and watches as they attempt to negotiate through dance, game show, high stakes games, and extreme physical partnering.

what comes after happy

This work cracks open our cultural obsession with happiness through a series of character-based dance theatre vignettes that accumulate to tell the story of a group of humans desperately seeking to be known to each other.


An assisted solo unearthing the turmoil, ecstasy, passion and ambivalence in the first year of motherhood.

You Are Here

This work visits the characters from Sartre’s classic “No Exit” to question responsibility, divinity and “hell as other people.”


An evening-length solo show for Alexandra Beller in which she struggles to defend her body, mind, liberty and inspiration from government assault through dance, text, puppetry, and ultimately her relationship to the audience.