You Are Here visits the characters from Sartre’s classic “No Exit” to question responsibility, divinity and “hell as other people.”

Alexandra Beller made her mark as a member of the Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane troupe, affirming a place for queen-sized dancers on the concert stage. Her own work blends theater and movement, and You Are Here, choreographed in collaboration with a dynamite cast, hit home with astute choices and intense performances. Beller and her dancers fashioned a fascinating, deeply haunting, claustrophobic world of frustrated desires, an existential hell and a work that deserves longer than a weekend.
— Gus Solomons Jr. (Gay City News)

A frustrated Broadway diva, a baby-killing debutante, a cowardly soldier and a lesbian tap dancer find themselves trapped in a room together forever. Using characters from Sartre’s “No Exit,” You Are Here begs the question: Why are we here and what is going to happen? The performers, both physically and spiritually tied to the stage, force each other to find meaning in one another in order to escape from Hell.

Boldly mixing both dance and theater, the work challenges us to see acts of communication as both survival and subversion.