egg is an assisted solo unearthing the turmoil, ecstasy, passion and ambivalence in the first year of motherhood.

Beller’s performance is just that: impossible, absurd, delicate, dangerous and exhilarating. It’s also a performance that, for anyone seeing Beller for the first time, will tilt the mind towards the impossible, absurd, and so forth. Beller is famously lush, pillowy, curvaceous of physique, and I bring this up because the largeness informs so much of what makes her Dance Theater gracious and distinctive.
— Infinite Body

Confronting both personal and cultural expectations for women and mothers through humor, confession, and a construction of impossible tasks, egg reveals why we fail as mothers in the eyes of society and attempts to find love within the matrix of perfection. Celebrated dancer Alexandra Beller uses dance, text, mathematics, and 12 dozen eggs in her search for balance, humor, love and justification.

The piece demands an answer to the unanswerable questions of both motherhood and the artistic life.