piece places the conflict between Israel and Palestine into the bodies of two women and watches as they attempt to negotiate through dance, game show, high stakes games, and extreme physical partnering.

...it is remarkable how much historical and emotional information Beller is able to convey in seamless and unobtrusive ways.
— OffOffOff.com, Quinn Batson

piece is a repertory trio which reimagines the conflict between Israel and Palestine as a conflict between two women. Through watching their strained relationship, we witness both the simplicity and complexity of their problems, alternately aligning ourselves with one or the other.

The work utilizes detailed and personal dancing, intricate partnering, a moveable fence, historical projection, and a commissioned film by Martijn Hart. Vigorous, provocative and compassionate, piece attempts to bring the political through the single bodies of two women fighting for their space, desperate to be witnessed.