milkdreams is an evening length quartet that uses the movements of babies and children to access a physicality that relents to the imbalance of not knowing

milkdreams strips the performers of veneers of ego, agenda, and shame, and lays bare their authentic selves. The process and ultimate work sift the habits and presentations of the trained dancer to recover a physicality that bypasses intellectual and neurological patterning; a physicality motivated entirely by sensation, desire, joy, curiosity, and, ultimately, love. 

To mine this territory, the company meticulously recreated the dances and researched the movements of Alexandra’s two children (14 months and 5 years at start). To aid the process, the company studied with Developmental Movement experts, including Martha Eddy (Body Mind Centering, CMA), and Cheryl Clark (BMC, CMA). The result is a subtle, morphing, intricate work that challenges and gives autonomy for the audience to have a self-curated experience, and reveals a dimension to movement that is magical, unconscious and utterly personal. 

The work is performed by Carly Berrett Plagianakos, Lea Fulton, Edward Rice and Simon Thomas-Train and understudied by Doug LeCours and is supported by live accompaniment from former Band of Susans musician Robert Poss with Kato Hideki, who was instrumental in the Tokyo noise music scene. 

delicious movement, from a place so deep that it emerges as truth.
— Carrie Stern