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Mindflock- Making Meaning, Movement and Mindful Creation for Directors and Choreographers

Spring Session

Mar 10 + 11, 2018 in NYC


Space TBA

With Ivan Talijancic and Alexandra Beller

Mindflock is an Intensive workshop in Directing and Dramaturgy for Choreographers and Directors. We will focus on developing strategies for jump-starting new work from scratch by layering compelling visuals, vivid relationships, coherent text, and propulsive narrative. Geared towards Theater and Dance makers, regardless of experience level, wishing to build skills in movement, spatial relationships and imagery, and seeking tools for devising and coaching text, character development, and specific meaning. We will work to create dynamic, innovative, personal, challenging material where both speaking and moving can be acts of survival and subversion.

Earlier Event: March 10
Later Event: March 16