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Spring Choreolab


  • Choreolab is for experienced art makers looking to take their craft to another level and to engage with a similar community of artists to support them through a specific creative process. An informal performance follows the final class, with professional videography.

In this workshop, we work towards finding opposite sides of the critical eye: both learning to create material in an uninhibited and impulse-driven manner, to be wild, fantastical, and daring, and equally, learning to strongly critique, edit and objectively structure material for a performative event.  

Some of the questions that we may engage during the lab are: How do we invent movement that is fresh and unique? How do we challenge habitual forms and patterns? What are the uses of text within a dance and how do we respect the power of language and of movement equally without overshadowing one or the other? How does an object absorb the correct amount of value within a dance? How can we use sound to support, enlarge, or subvert our narrative? How do we engage with media, like video, projection, live music, live feed, motion sensors, and other forms of technology to support our work and create brilliant imagery that could not exist without the tech?  How do we coach our performers to bring out their best performance while still encouraging their individuality to surface?  How do we use lighting, costume, set, prop, etc to finish our images, tell stories of their own, and contextualize our work? How do we create a future for our work?  

Cost: $350 ($325 for returning students), in three payments or paid in full.

Earlier Event: March 3
Technique at Gibney 280 12-2pm