The Anatomy of Choice

A course in Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Anatomy/Kinesiology

(this class) re-illuminated my fire for performance, reconnected me with my body and was a complete joy! I will miss looking forward to Sunday.


at Brooklyn Studios for Dance
210 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY


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About this course

By focusing each class on Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals and Anatomy/Kinesiology, students will gain a 3-Dimensional awareness of the body in motion. Classes will start with one hour of movement practice based on deepening our somatic connections and re-patterning the body for greater efficiency. An hour of Anatomy/Kinesiology follows, where we will enrich our knowledge of how bones, muscles and joints collaborate. We will conclude with an hour of LMA, to synthesize our multiple perspectives on how and why we move through space and how meaning is created through movement. The course will equally utilize physical embodiment, deep analysis, and social contextualization.The workshop is geared towards teachers, bodyworkers, artists, healers, and movers who wish to expand their understanding of how, and why we move, and what meaning is derived from our choices.

This workshop counts as all three prerequisite Intro workshops required for entry into Laban Institute of Movement Studies Year-long and Modular programs. This includes Intro to LMA, Intro to BF and Intro to A/K.

with Alexandra Beller

Alexandra completed the Year Long Program at LIMS (Laban/Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies), and holds a CMA (Certified Movement Analyst) degree.

My approach to LMA and BF is to use them as a set of filters through which to see ourselves more clearly by breaking down and rebuilding our definitions about Body, Effort, Shape and Space. After 30 years as a dancer (15 also as choreographer), I have a lot of ideas about both embodiment and creative practice. None of those have gone out the window. I enjoy unpacking those ideas and using LMA and BF in order to re-assess and challenge them before rebuilding them. I believe that empathy is just as important as analysis, that not knowing is more important than knowing. I somehow manage to find cohesion between these two beliefs and the rigorous interrogation of movement that is available through the systems of LMA and BF.
— Alexandra

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