Taught by Alexandra Beller
12 students maximum

Next workshop period: Fall 2018

This course is intended for both new teachers, who want to understand how to efficiently structure their material, and experienced teachers, who want to interrupt their habits and deepen their practices. We will focus on some of the essential facets of skilled teaching, including

• working from a personal voice and mission.

• developing a class session architecture that allows for growth.

• finding the balance between planning and improvising.

• deepening the ability to meet students where they are.

• inventing creative imagery and accessing clear language.

• learning about injury prevention and rehabilitation through concise anatomical understanding.

• writing about your work in a way that is evocative, clear, and compelling.

We will be moving, talking, writing, and observing through many lenses and participants will be teaching in small formats throughout the course. This course aims to help you find yourself as a teacher and to create structures that allow your students to access the material in the most efficient and joyful way.

This is for anyone who considers themselves a teacher in any medium. Although there will be movement in the workshop, all genres of material are welcome.

Art, drama, STEM, personal training, spiritual practices, writing, and bodywork would all benefit from these strategies.


Registration is not currently open for Spring 2018: stay tuned for more!

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