Immediate Dances

Our first Immediate Dances workshop took place February 9-March 30, 2018. Interested in future Immediate Dances? Sign up for our mailing list to be in the loop!

24 dancers. 8 choreographers. New dances created every week, documented by a professional videographer.


About this course

In Immediate Dances, choreographers work with a new initiation prompt or score each week to create a short dance, which is shown and recorded at the end of each class. Choreographers may choose the number of dancers to work with each week (depending on the prompt, and in negotiation with the other choreographers), and Alexandra creates a dance if there are remaining dancers. The prompts, or scores, are meant to create distinct and specific challenges related to space, time, audience relationships, meaning, imagery, narrative, and the use of text. Makers will be called upon to do spontaneous problem solving, and will build skills in immediate choice-making and unfettered creation. Dancers work with a new choreographer every week, challenging them to deepen their adaptability both stylistically and interpersonally. Unedited video documentation of every performance will be given at end of workshop to choreographers. Dancers receive an edited reel of their dancing throughout the course.


with Alexandra Beller

“I am committed to revealing myself: as a woman, an artist, and an American. I make art because I want to find out where I mesh with and where I challenge my community. I use the creative process to develop compassion for that which is foreign to me. I want my work to trigger memory, emotion and heightened awareness through images that are electric, disarming and provocative. As a member of a sometimes-oppressed gender, an oppressive race, and a country that has exhibited questionable human values, I am fascinated by issues of morality, compassion, greed, manipulation, victim-hood, power, and absolution. The work traffics through the dangerous territory of homophobia, sexism and emotional isolationism. 

My form of Dance Theater is truly a democratic use of movement and words, a series of artistic collisions where bodies, words, objects and sound function as characters in a human narrative. I believe that creation should be an act of survival. I invite the performers to go to their own danger, where they speak because they are personally compelled to reveal themselves, move because words cannot express the depth of their meaning. Their stories, intimate and unique, will hopefully etch a picture of our shared space.”


About the videographer:

Quentin Burley has filmed numerous live performances throughout New York City from dance and theater to puppetry and flash mobs. He is the resident videographer for WAXworks and Movement Research's series at Judson Church. Quentin is also co-founder of The Fleet, a video production company that has documented hundreds of live performances throughout New York City and produced numerous dance films. The Fleet has captured performances, created Kickstarter campaigns and promotional videos for companies including Doug Varone and Dancers, Patricia Noworol Dance Theater, David Dorfman Dance, and many more. The team also films the Lion's Jaw Festival, Bates Dance Festival and Jacob's Pillow. The Fleet has also produced numerous videos in collaboration with musicians and various artists that can be seen on their website,


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$350 for dancers with edited reel.
$400 for choreographers with raw footage of all of their work.